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Discover the Media Capital Landscape Connect with Hundreds of Entrepreneurs & Investors

Connect with Hundreds of Entrepreneurs & Investors

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MFG Deal Hub is the largest startup database with an up-to-date overview of the global media capital ecosystem


companies and updated constantly





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Media Capital is an investment model where growth-stage startups trade equity with media companies in exchange for mass market reach, advertising space, and marketing expertise.

Founders are keen to learn about brands raising media capital, their strategies, and their performance. They want insights into the effective channels, potential media properties to leverage, and ways to connect with media capital investors and fellow entrepreneurs.

Media capital investors and industry insiders are constantly on the lookout for new-age brands poised to become household names through mass media. They need quick and easy access to information about new business models, and media trends that could influence their funds.

MFG Deal Hub is brought to you by

media for growth

mediaforgrowth (MFG) is a data platform and advisory firm specialised in media capital fundraising. Our goal is to optimise media capital fundraising for startups and the formation of new media funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MFG Deal Hub?

MFG Deal Hub is a dedicated data platform for the media capital industry. It’s a global database to track innovative brands that raised media capital and identify growth opportunities. We work with many of the world's most prominent media capital investors, media companies, and entrepreneurs to provide transparency, analysis, and insights on media capital activity.

How is MFG Deal Hub Different from Dealroom, Crunchbase, PitchBook, and other investment platforms?

At MFG Deal Hub we don’t attempt to mirror existing databases but rather aim to fill a gap in the media capital ecosystem. We believe in the power of data transparency to accelerate innovation and drive the industry forward. As the industry benefits, so do the funds, startup founders, and media companies—ultimately leading to a win-win scenario.

Our mission extends beyond offering company information; we aim to support new-age brands to leverage this information effectively for growth. We deliver on this mission through several key initiatives:

  • We provide global data coverage by closely collaborating with key strategic partners in every major tech hub around the world.
  • We enhance these investments by adding unique insights, covering information exclusive to media capital e.g. media properties used as part of the media capital deal

We facilitate stakeholder connections. In addition to our database, we also organise events and media capital fundraising programmes investment readiness programs to educate founders about media capital and connect them with suitable investors. Learn more about our latest and upcoming events.

How MFG Deal Hub Collects Data

We utilise a blend of structured and unstructured sources, as well as public and private sources to gather data about startups and investors.

  • Social Listening and API Integrations
    Our methods include social listening, data automation, and the use of API integrations to collect vast quantities of data from public sources. These include news outlets, third-party databases, press rooms, and investor portfolios, among others.
  • Partnerships with Ecosystem Players
    Our national and international partnerships with media capital investors create an interconnected network for data and knowledge sharing. These mutually beneficial partnerships grant MFG Deal Hub unique access to data. Some of this data sharing is made possible through an API-first approach.
  • Robust Verification
    Regardless of whether the data is aggregated via APIs or submitted by partners and founders, we maintain rigorous data verification standards. This process involves countless hours of manual work from our team of analysts.

MFG Deal Hub For Founders and Industry Providers

MFG Deal Hub provides free access to global media capital investors including a detailed view of their media properties. Updating or adding your company details to the MFG Deal Hub improves your company's visibility, provides you with market intelligence, and helps you find the best potential investors for your company.

MFG Deal Hub For Investors

MFG Deal Hub provides investors with fast and easy access to a database of over 500 brands for discovery and decision support during scouting, screening, and due diligence, from early to late stage and buyout opportunities. Company data includes rich descriptions (sector, business model, launch date, growth stage, media channels used), funding data, location, examples of similar companies, and detailed startup case studies.

Raising media capital on MFG Deal Hub

While MFG Deal Hub is not a fundraising platform, it can be a valuable tool in your fundraising efforts. By using our database, you can filter investors in great detail, including the availability of media properties. If you're planning to raise media capital in the next 6-9 months, consider applying to one of our MFG Fundraising Programme.

This programme is designed to equip founders with the right information and to connect them with media capital investors, accelerating their fundraising round. If you're currently fundraising for an equity round and wish to learn more about media capital, please get in touch with the MFG team at contact@mediaforgrowth.co. We'd be delighted to support you throughout the process.